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Message Box command

  • 업데이트: 2020/05/09
    • 11.3.x
    • 탐색
    • Enterprise

Message Box command

Use this command to insert a message box that will display a message when the Task runs.


Message boxes are useful for issuing a message to the user whenever the TaskBot / MetaBot Logic concludes running. For example, a user can insert a Message Box command to follow Web Form Task Logic, so the command issues a message that states Web Form Filled and Complete.

Users can specify the following components in a message box:

Enter a caption name for the message box.
Enter a message in the dialog box.
Scroll bar
Insert a scroll bar in the message. The minimum message length for a scroll bar to be displayed is 10 lines.
Close Message Box
Enter the seconds value after which the message box should close.
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