Secure credential store Credential Vault

The Automation Anywhere platform provides a centralized Credential Vault to securely store all credentials and provision them to bots on an on-demand basis.

Use the Credential Vault to store other information deemed confidential or sensitive. The credential store implements NIST controls IA-2 to uniquely identify and authenticate organizational users (or processes acting on behalf of organizational users).

Sensitive information does not need to be stored in bots or on Bot Runner systems, the Credential Vault facilitates a logical separation of credentials from the bots.

Credential Vault variables are created from the Control Room and are instantly available to all the Bot Creators and Bot Runners registered with the respective Control Room. Credential Vault adds flexibility and dynamic character to bots because only the credential references are present in the bots, and not the credentials. When bots are moved from one environment to another environment, absolutely no change is required in the bots. Bots can seamlessly pick up the credentials values applicable for the new environment from the Control Room of that environment. Additionally, the Control Room automatically stores configuration-related sensitive data into the Credential Vault by default.

Note: If your Credential Vault is locked,then the Control Room admin has to log in to the Control Room . After the admin logs in successfully, the Credential Vault is unlocked.