Version Release Notes

Review the new features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Bot Insight. There are no security fixes in this release.

New features

Control Room
Role-based access control (RBAC) enhancements

A new permission Assign Roles is available in Control Room that enables more granular access control over various IQ Bot learning instance actions to different groups of users. Users can achieve this by allocating or deallocating custom roles to learning instances. Users can use this new permission in IQ Bot Version 11.3.5.

Define access to learning instances

Fixed features

Control Room
Zendesk ticket ID or Service Cloud Case ID Description
00378563, 00373297, 00470918, 00462701 Fixed an invalid partition issue with Apache Ignite in a clustered environment. Communication between the Apache Ignite cache nodes in the Control Room with the clustered setup is resolved. The Control Room installed with any number of nodes now works properly.
234083, 237875, 244110 Users can now manually configure the time interval value of the database connection retries in the file. If the database is reconnected within the time specified in the file, the Apache Ignite cache node in the cluster setup will not restart the Apache Ignite server, keeping the device and the Control Room user connected. The default value of the time property ignite.max.duration.db.connection.retries in the file is 10000. The recommended maximum time for this property is up to 5 minutes (300000 msec).
Note: Restart the Control Room services on each node for the manually configured value of the time property to work effectively. Also, set the time in milliseconds.
-- Control Room users can now deploy bots, and the device landing page displays data even if the specified query parameters (SQL and Oracle) are passed to the database server.

Previously, Control Room users were not able to deploy the bot and the device landing page was not loading due to a limitation of the database server. The query execution failed If more than 2100 parameters were passed in the SQL Server and more than 1000 parameters were passed in the Oracle Server. The limitation of the database server has been fixed.

00495106 Control Room users can now be created in the Active Directory even if the user is a member of a security group and the group names are separated by a comma (,) in the Active Directory domain.
00500158 Work Items in the Control Room are processed correctly based on the created device pool and set priority. The priorities are now set properly, and no duplicate priorities are set even when large queues (more than 10) are created on a device pool.
00487998 Work Items in the Control Room that are kept on hold or deleted will no longer be processed on the device.

Control Room known limitations

  • You cannot install the Version patch directly over the Version patch. If you have applied the Version patch over the Version patch, uninstall the Version patch and then install the Version patch.

    If you are using the Version patch, you can directly upgrade to the Version patch.

  • The Enterprise Client might be disconnected from the Control Room while upgrading Control Room to Version for high-availability setup. Relogin to all the devices after the upgrade is complete.

    Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations

  • The following special characters are used in the file to separate domains, organization units, or security groups: comma (,), colon (:), ampersand (&), or pipe (|). Therefore, if any of your Active Directory entities have names that include these special characters, escape these characters by preceding them with a double backslash.

    Map up to 1000 Active Directory groups to roles

Bot Insight known limitations

The FasterXML jackson-databind component used in the Version library permits data transfer of malicious objects when used in conjunction with polymorphic type handling methods. This is a medium severity issue based on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and has no direct impact on the application because ZoomData is not directly accessed by Automation Anywhere Enterprise.