Center of excellence dashboards

The Center of Excellence (COE) dashboard displays interactive metrics for your organization's RPA projects. It provides information that helps COE teams to gauge the value delivered by their RPA program.

The dashboard provides information about person-hours saved, total cost savings, cost savings per bot and per process, monthly bot ROI, and much more. This enables an organization to view information related to ROI from their RPA program immediately.

The CoE dashboard uses the existing bot run information from the Control Room and automatically generates a default dashboard. You can customize the business information, such as process name, department name, hours saved per unit, money saved per unit, and generate a dashboard for each bot that has run till date. You can add custom fields that you want to display along with the bot run data. You can also add more fields to an existing COE dashboard in the Business Information section.

You can create and publish many copies of the default dashboard. This is useful for analyzing the data through different visualizations across the dashboards.


The following are the prerequisites required to access the COE dashboards:
  • Automation Anywhere Enterprise or later
  • AAE_Bot Insight Admin or AAE_COE_Admin role.
  • All Bot Insight services should be running
  • Bots must be deployed from Control Room to Bot Runner devices
  • Bot Insight's Business Analytics license
Note: By default, the COE dashboard can only be accessed by the Bot Insight Admin user. For other users to be able to view the COE dashboard, you need to assign the AAE_Bot Insight Admin role to them. Only then will they be able to view, configure, and publish the COE dashboards.