High-level architecture of a Digital Worker

A Digital Worker consists of TaskBots and MetaBots that together form one or more skills. It can include calls to REST APIs for external services (for example, an AI engine), where the REST API calls are executed either via native client commands or through a MetaBot with a dynamic link library (DLL).

The Digital Worker enables the customer to automate their workflow. TaskBots and MetaBots included in the Digital Worker implement the skills. Each skill must have a top-level TaskBot, called the Master Bot. The Master Bot invokes other TaskBots and MetaBots. Users must be able to run individual TaskBots and MetaBots by themselves, or from the Master Bot file.

In the same way as when hiring an employee, customers must set up the Digital Worker to fit in their environment. Customers downloading Digital Workers from the Bot Store expect to be able to easily configure and install the Digital Worker – and its TaskBots and MetaBots into the workflows.

For best practices on configuration, see Building Digital Workers for the Bot Store.