Building with modular logic

Digital Workers are developed in a modular style to enable customers to select the components of the Digital Worker to include in their business process automation.

Monolithic code is difficult to follow, edit, and update. Divide tasks into separate Task Bots or MetaBots (instead of having everything in a single Task Bot or MetaBot).

As with any object-oriented approach to programming, create a separate bot for each specific function. Doing this not only makes your code easier to update and understand, but also encourages reusability because customers can more easily pick and choose components to include in their business process automation.

For example, if you want to build a Digital Worker that
  • creates an offer letter,
  • generates an electronic envelope,
  • sends an email with the offer letter in the electronic envelope,
  • and monitors status.
Divide each into separate Tasks (.atmx files). To run these Tasks in the proper order, write a Master Bot which calls on the tasks sequentially.

In Enterprise 11: Error handling, you learn about including an error handling mechanism to minimize disruption and help endusers with debugging.