Pre-upgrade checklist

Before upgrading the Control Room, complete your backups, replace the binaries, compare and verify data, take a screen shot, and complete other required verifications to ensure business continuity.


  1. Plan an upgrade activity when the server is exposed to a minimal load for cluster deployment (High-Availability Control Room).
    Stop all Control Room services before starting the installation.
  2. Ensure the work items for all active automation tasks are processed.
    Verify that the number of pending work items in Activity > In progress > View activity in the Control Room.
    Tip: If there are pending work items in Workload Management during upgrade then run following query to troubleshoot this situation: UPDATE WORKITEMS SET STATUS = 'ERROR' WHERE STATUS = 'QUEUED'
  3. Back up the following:
    • Control Room and Bot Insight databases.
    • Control Room repository.
    • Credential Vault Master Key.
    • Installation files: (default locations)

      C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere


  4. Take a screen shot of the Control Room Dashboard.
    For updates that are allowed or not allowed to the configuration, see table:
    Table 1.
    Allowed Not allowed
    Installation path Installation Type Preference
    Cluster Configuration Control Room database type
    Database Server Bot Insight Metadata Database type
    Database Names -
    Port numbers -
  5. To get an updated LDAP page: Reset the Service User credentials that were expired or disabled.
    In this case, the Control Room Login page will not show domains in the drop-down list.
    • Stop the Control Room Caching and Control Room Service on all the other nodes in the cluster environment.
    • Provide a Control Room admin user in the username field in the format <domain\user> and<password>.
    • An LDAP updated page is shown for new LDAP URLs and Service User credential.
      Note: If the LDAP updated page does not display, clear the browser cache. See Enterprise Client known limitations.
  6. Re-enable the existing Service User and update the URLs.
    Important: For customers using updated LDAP URLs and Service User, ask your Active Directory Administrator to expire or disable existing Service User after the Control Room is installed.
  7. Add the below paths to the anti-virus exclusion list:
    • C:\Users\UserProfile

    • C:\ProgramFiles\Automation Anywhere