Editing Citrix wait action

The wait action allows you to insert delays between actions that are performed in an automation task. You use the wait action to halt the next action being performed in a task until a window appears or disappears.


Ensure that all the prerequisites mentioned in the Citrix Automation are met.

To edit a wait action:


  1. Open the Citrix automation task you want to edit.
  2. Select the click action you want to edit from the Action List section.
    The Action Details dialog box appears.
  3. You can select the Appear or Disappear option in the Wait for selected image to section, to specify whether you want to insert delay until a specific image appears or disappear.
  4. You can specify the longest time you want to wait in the Maximum wait time field.
  5. You can specify a name for the control or location in the Location Name field.
  6. You can use the Match slider to specify the match percentage.

    Type the match percentage in the Match field.

  7. You can use the Tolerance slider to specify the tolerance percentage.

    Type the tolerance percentage in the Tolerance field.