Enterprise 11: Configure service credentials

Continue from the Control Room installer to the Service Credentials wizard page. From this stage of the installation wizard you, specify the user account to use for running the Windows services that are created by Automation Anywhere installer.


  1. The Service Credentials screen displays where you can choose from the listed options.

    The Windows Service credentials include a user name and password. The user specified needs to:

    • Be a member of the local system administrator group.
    • Have permission to manage services, including Automation Anywhere services.
    • To avoid any failure of Control Room services, ensure that windows service account is always included in the Administrator group.
    • For Microsoft Azure installations, the service account user needs to have read/write access to the remote Microsoft Azure repository share path.

    The these service credentials are used to create database tables and allow the Control Room processes to access the database and repository.

    • Local System Account—(default) The logged on user performing the installation.
    • Domain Account—Specify a user that is not the local system account user.
      1. Clear the Local System Account check box.
      2. Enter the user name and password for the domain account.
        Attention: Your service authentication password cannot include a space, semicolon (;), percent (%), or backslash (\). Also, the first character cannot be a minus sign (-) or forward slash (/), and you must include at least one alphabetical character. Change your password before the Control Room installation.

      Reasons and requirements for using a domain account user include:

      • Do not use the Windows domain credentials.

        Enter credentials valid for running Automation Anywhere services, or the Control Room fails to launch.

      • PowerShell script restrictions.

        Specify a user with permissions to launch PowerShell scripts, that is not a Windows domain user, or database table creation can fail.

      • Remote PostgreSQL Server for creating the database.

        Specify a domain user account. Do not use the local system account user when you are using a remote database server for creating the database.

        Database and Services Matrix.

  2. Click Next to configure the database types and server.