Read from CSV/Text command

Use the Read from CSV/Text command to automate the process of reading data from CSV and Text files and encode the files using ANSI, Unicode, or UTF8.

Reads data using a Comma, Tab, or Regional List Separator delimiters from a CSV file.
Select from the following delimiter options:
  • Comma: Use this to specify a comma as the delimiter.
  • Regional List Separator: Use this to specify the delimiter as defined in the Regional Settings. Automation Anywhere supports the default regional list separators of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

    You can update the separator value from the Control Panel > Region > Additional Settings.

    For example, if the regional settings are configured to German, a semicolon (;) is used as a list separator.

  • Tab: If tabs are used to separate filed in a CSV file, use this to specify the delimiter.
Contains Header: Use this for CSV files that have the first row defined as headers.
Reads data using Newline, Comma, tab or Other delimiters from a Text file.
  • Newline: If the text in the file is separated using a newline, use this.
  • Comma: If the text in the file is separated using a comma, use this.
  • Tab: If the text in the file is separated using a tab, use this.
  • Other: If the text in the file is separated using any option other than the ones provided, use this.
Other Options
  • Trim: Use this to trim leading space(s) or trailing space(s) from inside the CSV/Text file.
  • Session Name: Use this to identify the current session. You can opt to assign a variable as a session.