Lockers overview

A locker is used to group related sensitive information, which is included in automation tasks in the form of credentials and shared with other users.

This enables separation of duties for credential management and consumption. Users with the following permissions can work with lockers:

  • Manage my lockers: This permission allows you to create and manage your own locker.
  • Administer ALL lockers: This permission allows you to view all the lockers and perform limited actions on them.

The roles and permissions related to locker management are:
  • Locker Owner: A locker owner can edit, view, and delete a locker, and can add or remove other owners.

  • Locker Manager: A locker manager has access to all the functions of a locker owner, but does not have permission to add owners, managers, or participants to the locker.

  • Locker Participants: A locker participant has access to view a locker and its participants, and can also add their own credentials to a locker. A locker participant can not access or view credentials created by other users.

  • Locker Consumers: Locker consumers have access to view a locker and input a credential attribute value (if the attribute is configured for user-input). When you select one or more user-defined roles, the users who have these selected roles become consumers of the locker.

My Lockers

My Lockers tab in Bots → Credentials shows the list of lockers that has been created by a user. A locker can only be created by an authorized user with Locker_Admin permission or a user having Manage my locker permission.

Note: Users can see lockers only if they have created them or if they are a member of that locker.

My Lockers screen showing a list of lockers created by the user in a tabular form

In the search pane you can filter lockers based on locker name.

The following describes the list of items that can be viewed in the table:

Table Item Description
Name Name of the locker.
My consumer permission Consumer or not a consumer.
My additional permission Locker participant, Locker manager, Locker owner.
Managers Users having locker manager permission.
Credentials No. of credentials assigned to a locker.
Owners Name of user who created the locker.
Last Modified Date and time when the locker was last edited/modified.
Modified By Name of the user who has modified/edited the locker.
Actions Description
View View Enables you to view locker.

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Edit Edit Enables you to edit a locker.

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Delete Delete Enables you to delete a locker.

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Alternatively, you can select all lockers and perform the following actions:

Table Item Description
Refresh Refresh Enables you to refresh the list of lockers.
Delete Delete Enables you to delete multiple lockers.

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Customize columns Customize columns

Enables you to show or hide specific columns. By default, all the columns are displayed.

Audit Logs

All the Create, Update, Delete actions are tracked in audit logs for record keeping and future use. You can refer those entries in the Audit log page.