Using Bot Store

The seamless integration of the Bot Store enables you to access Bot Store directly from the Enterprise Client. In the Enterprise client, you can download bots and Digital Workers from Bot Store or create and package Digital Workers and bots to be uploaded to Bot Store.

How does Bot Store integration help?

  • Discover and download pre-built, ready-to-use Digital Workersand bot packages from Bot Store to the Enterprise Client.
  • Leverage the 'one-stop-shop' solution to configure and run the downloaded bot in the Enterprise Client.
  • Create bots or Digital Workers for the Bot Store marketplace within the default Bot Store folder in the Enterprise Client as per the directory structure guidelines.
  • Create a zip package of the bot or Digital Worker along with its dependencies prior to publishing the bots or Digital Workers for end-user consumption.
  • Enforce license management by marking a Task Bot or MetaBot as Protected to protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of the business logic contained within the bot.

What you need to know about Digital Workers and protected bots

Digital Workers

Digital Workers are a set of role-related automation tasks that are performed in a sequence.

Digital Workers automate entire processes, do multiple tasks in a set of sequences, and are ready-to-deploy and download from the Automation Anywhere Bot Store .

For example, an Accounts Payable Digital Worker can be used to automate invoice processing, payment processing, and record management.

Protected bots
The Bot Store offers developers, who build Digital Workers or bot packages, a monetization opportunity by protecting the business logic contained within the bots. The commands within the protected bots are not visible in the Enterprise Client and are not allowed to be edited by the purchaser.