Using MetaBot Logic in TaskBots and MetaBot Logics

As a Bot Creator you can integrate Logic in your TaskBots as well as other MetaBot Logics in the Automation Anywhere Workbench to create automation.

Based on your work-flow, you can add either one or more Logic from a single MetaBot or multiple Logic from various MetaBots to another TaskBot or MetaBot Logic.

Tip: You should have AAE_ MetaBot Designer access privileges to add a MetaBot Logic to another MetaBot Logic. If you do not have required permission, you are shown the following message when you attempt to add a MetaBot:

Adding MetaBot Logic to a TaskBot

  1. To begin, click the MetaBot section given at the top of the command panel in the Workbench

  2. Double click/drag and drop a MetaBot from the list of MetaBots.
  3. The MetaBot window is launched :

  4. Select the desired logic from the list or folders as required. If this logic needs certain values or variables as input or output, they get listed under the Input or Output Parameters pane. Otherwise, the parameter tables appear empty.
    • If Input and InputOutput parameter type variables are available in the Logic, you can assign a value or variable required as an input in Input Parameters pane.
    • Similarly, if Output and InputOutput parameter type variables are available in the Logic, you can assign another variable as an output in Output Parameters pane.
    • Refer Variables - Parameter Types and Passing parameters from and to MetaBot Logic for details.
      Tip: Use the 'Search Logic' facility to navigate to the Logic you want.
  5. If you have assigned variables in the logic, you will have to assign the required set of values to the Input and Output Parameters.
    • You cannot leave these blank.

    • You can also assign variables to the Input or Output Parameters from the list of variables available in the task.
    • If the Input or Output parameters require use of credentials or sensitive data, you can opt to use 'Credential Variables'. Select the required variable listed under $CredentialLockers$ from Insert Variables.
      Important: Credential variables are not visible until a Control Room user with Locker Admin privileges enables the setting in the Control Room. When the setting is enabled, credential variables are available for passing as parameters from one Task Bot/MetaBot Logic to another Task Bot/MetaBot Logic. Read Passing parameters from and to MetaBot Logic for details.
  6. The Description field provides information about the Logic that is being configured. The name of the user who updates the Logic Information and the date and time it was modified is also displayed. Refer Add MetaBot Logic Properties.

    Similarly, you can refer the Input and Output parameter Description below the Logic description. This is added when you are creating variables. Refer Adding, Editing and Deleting Variables.

    This is highly useful as it provides contextualized help without any clicks, while using the MetaBot Utilities/Logics in TaskBots.

    • When you select a variable (from Parameters) the corresponding description is highlighted/selected.
    • If you want to view the description without scrolling, hover your mouse over the Description field and the entire text is shown as tool tip.
    Note: If your Logics and Input/Output parameters were created in Enterprise 10 versions, by default the description is not shown. However, you can update the Logic description and that is shown after it is edited and saved using the Properties option. Similarly, you can edit the variables to include the parameter description.
  7. Once you are done, click Save to include the MetaBot Logic in your TaskBot.
Note: During TaskBot execution, if your target application is open in admin mode, you will have to run the task in admin mode.

The Workbench depicts the event data for Logic:

Adding MetaBot Logic to another MetaBot Logic

To add an existing Logic to another MetaBot Logic (new or existing) from the Workbench,

  1. Either Workbench and creating Logic by clicking New or Click Add Logic from the MetaBots view
  2. This launches the New Logic window for the selected MetaBot:
  3. Select and drag or double-click the MetaBot to open it in the Workbench
  4. Select the required Logic from the list or folders.
  5. Add parameters per your automation flow.
  6. Save to include the Logic in your existing or new Logic.