Using the Screen/Standard Recorder

Use the Screen Recorder to record a task or series of actions on your computer.

To record a task or a series of actions on your computer, use the Screen Recorder when:

  • Building simple tasks for processes that involve mouse clicks and keyboard operations.
  • You plan to run the automated process (the recorded task) on the same computer on which it was recorded. This ensures that the screen display coordinates are the same as they were when the task was recorded.
Note: Enterprise Client supports as 1366X768 minimum screen resolution.

Recording a Task using the Screen Recorder

To create an automation task using the Screen Recorder, launch it one of four ways:

Note: 'Screen Recorder' should already be selected as the default recorder in the 'Record' list-down for options 3 and 4 to work.
  1. Using the 'Record' button list-down
    • In the main window, click the 'Down Arrow' beside Record button at the top.

    • Select 'Screen Recorder' as shown:

  2. Using 'Choose an Option'
    • Click on New Task button:

    • Select Screen Recorder from the 'Choose an option' dialog:

  3. Using 'Record' option from Context menu in System Tray
    • Context click the Enterprise Client in the System Tray

    • Select Record.
  4. Using short-cut keys 'Ctrl + Alt + R'
    • The Automation Anywhere window is minimized, and the Recording toolbar is displayed in the lower right corner of your computer screen.

      Note: If needed, you can pause the recording operation and resume it.
    • Perform all of the actions on the computer that you want to record in the task.

      Note: While recording, the Screen Recorder recognizes the various windows that are open on your desktop.

      When done, click the Stop button on the Recording toolbar.

    • Save the task by specifying a name, and optionally select a folder in which to store it. When saved, the task name is displayed in the main Task List window.
      Note: You can edit your recorded task using the Workbench. Refer 'Editing Task Bots'.

If Version Control is enabled, a plus sign will be prefixed to a new task.

Note: If you enable 'Secure Recording mode', no images are captured.