Installing dual Enterprise Clients

Automation Anywhere Version 11.3 or greater can be installed on the same machine as, (in parallel with) Enterprise Client Version 10.x. This is called dual Enterprise Clients.


  • Verify the Enterprise Client prerequisites are met.
  • Verify Control Room is installed and users are created.

This capability is useful in migration scenarios. Dual Enterprise Clients allows you to take a bot, that is running in Version 10.x production, and test it on Version 11.3 or greater before moving it to Version 11.3 production.

To install a parallel version of the Enterprise Client:


  1. Log on to a machine with Enterprise Client version 10.x and Enterprise Client Version 11.3 or greater installer, Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe, downloaded.
  2. Open the Microsoft Windows command prompt and navigate to the Enterprise Client Version 11.3 or greater Setup folder.
    For example, D:\Setup\Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe.
  3. Run the installer with the /parallel option. Type at the command prompt and press Enter.

    D:\Setup\> Automation_Anywhere_Enterprise_Client_<version>.exe /parallel

    The Enterprise Client installation wizard appears.

  4. Follow the instructions in the Automation Anywhere Client <version> installation wizard. See Installing the Enterprise Client.
    To install the product in silent mode, see Installing dual Enterprise Clients in silent mode.

Next steps

In Configuring and using dual Enterprise Clients, configure both Enterprise Clients to use bots.