Enterprise 11: Begin Control Room installation on Microsoft Azure

Initial steps for Control Room installation on Microsoft Azure.


If you have not done so already, complete the pre-installation configuration in Enterprise 11: Verify readiness for installation on Microsoft Azure.

Note: Because these installation steps do not account for all possible system requirements and configurations, your specific steps might vary and Automation Anywhere does not make any warranties that these steps conform with your specific configurations.
To begin the installation:


  1. Use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to the Control Room server, as an Administrator, and run the Control Room installer.
  2. Click Yes to start the installer.
  3. Click Next in the Welcome to the Setup Wizard.
    The installation process checks the availability of the following components:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package
    • Microsoft OLEDB Driver for SQL Server
    If any of the above components is not available, the system notifies you with an installation pop-up window. After both components are successfully installed, the License Agreement screen is shown.
  4. Accept the licensing agreement and click Next.
    The Installation Prerequisite Check screen is shown.
  5. Select the Custom option and click Next.
  6. Click Next to setup the system IPs.
    The Cluster Configuration window displays.

Next steps

Continue with Enterprise 11: Customize Control Room installation on Microsoft Azure.