Java Configuration

Working with configuration options for Java.


The Java plugin can be installed from Plugin Settings.

Note: Launch Automation Anywhere in the administrator mode in order to be able to install Java plugin and configure the JRE settings.
Tip: Use Java Settings only to configure for customized JRE.
Configure Java.


  1. Exit and restart Enterprise Client.
    Ensure that Enterprise Client is open in the administrator mode (Right Click and select Run as Administrator.) The Enterprise Client and Java applications should be opened in same mode.
  2. Open Java desktop or web application.
    Note: For Java desktop app, use the command line to externally open the JAVA desktop application in 32 or 64 bit.
  3. In Java Settings, browse to JRE from Program files→ Java
    Select 32 bit or 64 bit JRE.
    Note: Make sure your Java app is using 32 bit JRE if tools has 32 bit Java settings. If Java app is using 64 bit JRE, tools should have 64 bit java.
  4. Click OK.
    To automate multiple Java Applications (which use different versions of JREs).

Next steps

JAVA desktop app
Start Recording the Java Application. (Verify Java Accessibility from Client Command Editor).
Play test
Will play if all settings are correct.
Note: Create EXE of Java test and run on fresh machine, Player will prompt unavailable JRE settings and ask to allow to add required files. Respond Yes to inject required files in Java\JRE*\lib\EXT and Java\JRE*\bin. Then the test will fail/stop. Now replay the EXE.