Failover to a DR recovery site

Update the database and login to the Bot Runners on the recovery (DR secondary) site. Verify the secondary site Control Room is running with the production (primary) site Bot Runner data.

When properly configured, replication ensures the DR secondary site Control Room has production Bot Runner data. In the event of a disaster:

  • Update the DR secondary site Control Room database with DR primary site Bot Runner data.
  • Login the Enterprise Client, with its associated Bot Runners, to the backup site Control Room.
  • Verify recovery is successful.

To update the DR secondary site Bot Runner database:


  1. Use the database query listed below to update the Control Room database.
    1. Open New Query and paste following script.
      /* Creating temporary table to hold mapping values*/
      create table
      #ProdToCOBClientMapping(Id int,
      HostName nvarchar(100),
      ApplicationPath nvarchar(255),
      IPAddress nvarchar(40),
      FQDN nvarchar(255),
      COBHostName nvarchar(100),
      COBApplicationPath nvarchar(255),
      COBIPAddress nvarchar(40),
      COBFQDN nvarchar(255))
      /* Load table from mapping file */
      #ProdToCOBClientMapping FROM 'Mapping Filepath goes here'WITH
      ROWTERMINATOR ='\n',
      FIRSTROW = 2
      /* Verify proper mapping has been done*/
      Select * From #ProdToCOBClientMapping
      /* Update Client table as per mapping. */
      UPDATE desClient SET HostName=srcClient.COBHostName,
      ApplicationPath = srcClient.COBApplicationPath, 
      IPAddress = srcClient.COBIPAddress
      FROM #ProdToCOBClientMapping srcClient INNER JOIN
      [DatabaseName].[dbo].[Clients] as desClient ON desClient.Id=srcClient.Id
      /*Drop temp table */
      drop table #ProdToCOBClientMapping
      /* Verify table values */ 
      SELECT * FROM [DatabaseName].[dbo].[Clients]
    2. Update the Database name and Mapping file path.
    3. After the database changes are done, start the DR secondary (recovery) site Control Room services.
  2. Start each Bot Runner.
    1. Verify your Window Login Credentials in the Enterprise Client. Select Tools > Options > Login Settings.
    2. Launch Automation Anywhere.
    3. Enter your credentials to login to the Control Room.
    4. Start every Bot Runner.
  3. Verify your DR environment is up and running on the recovery site.
    Verify the schedules, ensure that the bots, and Bot Runners are functioning successfully. See the DR recovery site audit logs.

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