Enterprise 11: Installing a license

A Control Room administrator or a user with license management permission can install a license and evaluate the latest version.

A Trial license is valid for 30 days. After it expires, you cannot access the Control Room. Contact the system administrator or Automation Anywhere Sales to purchase a new license.


  1. Log in to the Control Room as an Administrator, and select Administration > Licenses.
  2. Click Install license or you can click Show details on the notification bar in the Control Room header, then click Install a new license.
  3. Click Browse to select a .license file from the list of licenses.
  4. Click Install license.
    An error occurs in the following scenarios:
    • A user has an invalid or an expired license file.
    • A user selects a file with a different extension other than .license.
    • A user selects a file that has been deleted or moved to another location.
    Note: You can release an unused license from a user. Log in to the Control Room and do this: Administration > Users > Edit User > Allocate a device license to this user > None > Save Changes.

    If your Control Room license expires before you install a new one, go to the License Management page and upload the new license file.

    If you do not have a new license file, contact Automation Anywhere Sales and place an order for the Control Room license. You will receive an email from Automation Anywhere containing a registration license file. Download and save this file on your device. After you upload the valid license file, you can log in to the Control Room and continue monitoring activities.

Next steps

Control Room installation and configuration is complete. Proceed to Enterprise 11: Preparing for users.