Set up a locker and assign relevant credentials

A locker is used to group related sensitive information and can be shared with other users. A locker can be included in automation tasks in the form of credentials. You set up a locker and assign the necessary credentials to allow your bots secure access to relevant systems.

Do the following to set up your locker and assign the credentials:

Step 1: Enterprise 11: create a role
You can define a role and assign permissions to access various features of the Control Room. Only an admin or Control Room user with roles permission can assign roles to users and provide access to them for various features and operations.
Step 2: Create a credential
Log in to Control Room as a locker administrator and create a credential. As an automation expert, Credential Vault provisions you to securely create and store your credentials. Therefore, it ensures that your credentials can be used in bots without compromising security with safe deployment of tasks. Any authorized user can create credentials.
Step 3: Create a locker
As part of the locker creation procedure, assign the newly created credential and role to the locker. A user with locker admin or manage my locker permission is authorized to create a locker. A locker can be used to group similar credentials and share it with other users.