Edit Active Directory role mappings

Starting from Version 11.3.5, an admin user can edit role mappings in the Control Room.

You can edit the required role mappings listed in the Role Mappings table.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
    All the available role mappings are listed in the Role Mappings table.
  3. For a specific role in the roles list, hover over the action menu (vertical ellipsis) and select the Edit role mapping option.
  4. In the Edit an Active Directory role mapping window, edit the Mapping name.
    Ensure that the mapping name is unique and cannot be duplicated. If you rename a map with an existing mapping name, an error message appears stating that the same name already exists. .
  5. Edit the roles by either adding or removing roles from the Available roles list except Bot Insight roles.
    If you assign Bot Insight roles, an error message appears stating that the role mapping cannot be updated as it contains unsupported roles.
    Note: The rest of the fields cannot be edited.
  6. Click Save changes.
    Changes to mapping name or roles are updated in the audit log.