Enterprise 11 bot Quality of Service priorities

Use of the concept Quality of Service (QoS) as it applies to availability of the Control Room.

To maintain high operational availability the Control Room is designed around the concept of Quality of Service (QoS).

Each incoming request is examined to identify, and requests are prioritized based on:

  • Whether the request originated from a device or not

  • What high-level Control Room function it is for (repository, configuration, etc.)

Request originator type

High priority is assigned to API requests that do not originate from a Bot Creator or Bot Runner, such as a user accessing theControl Room through a web browser. This ensures administrative functions, such as viewing the status of a device or disabling a bot, run even when the Control Room is fully utilized.

Repository requests from devices

By default, the number of device requests processed in parallel by the Control Room repository are limited. Any requests that are received above the limit are queued first in, first out with very little overhead. This enables control of the CPU and operating system thread consumption for repository operations.

Other bot deployment and execution requests from devices

Bot Runners make infrequent requests to other services on the Control Room related to the deployment and execution process. Unlike repository requests, completion time for individual requests of this type are not influenced by network capacity.

Security token refresh from devices

Security token refresh requests from devices are prioritized ahead of other device requests.