Build advanced bots with the Enterprise Client

Design different types of bots to do different functions and tasks. MetaBots provide dynamic input and output to other bots.

The role of the MetaBot

Adding a dynamic link library (DLL) to a MetaBot provides a way for bot developers to expose methods that provide dynamic input and output for other bots to use. DLLs allow developers to use a library of functions that can be reused across bots. Managing login activity can be done by a MetaBot that logic and a DLL have been added to.

Using DLLs provides a customizable access that can be managed through the rules based actions of bots. This allows developers to provide dynamic functions without exposing source code.

DLLs versus Client Commands

When Automation Anywhere Client Commands are used in conjunction with a MetaBot provide a configurable experience controlled through the MetaBot and other associated bots.
Tip: Automation Anywhere provides a lot of ready to use commands. Read Client Commands to determine if there are already commands that can be used without the need of creating a DLL.
However, here are scenarios when it's better to create a DLL.
  • There is not a client command that does what is needed.
  • An existing API provides greater functionality and more efficiency.
Important: All DLLs must be written in C#.