Troubleshooting Scheduled Tasks

If a scheduled task fails to run using the scheduler, follow one or more steps to resolve the problem:

  • Ensure that you specify the correct user name and password.

    If your account requires a password to log on, specify that password when scheduling tasks. Otherwise, no password is required.

  • If you have multiple accounts, verify that the correct user name and password are used.

    If you have multiple accounts on the same computer, such as a domain account and a local account, verify that the user name you specified is the same user name that is used to log into the computer. Scheduled tasks will not run if the scheduled task attempts to run under a different user account. Automation Anywhere pre-fills the user name field with the user name you used to log in.

  • Contact Technical Support.

    After completing these steps, if you are not able to run the task as scheduled, it is likely that the scheduler service is not installed correctly on the computer. Contact Technical Support at: Open a Support Case.