Create a basic MetaBot

Build a MetaBot in this task. This MetaBot takes parameters (data) from a Task Bot and adds the data to a web form.


Verify connectivity between the Enterprise Client and the Control Room.

Verify that Microsoft Internet Explorer is open to the page to capture, AA Test Page.

Important: Verify that MyFirstTaskBot.atmx is complete and fully functional.


  1. Open the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client.
  2. Click the MetaBot tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Select the Application Specific radio button.
  5. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer in the Application(s) list.
    Note: If Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE) is not in the application list, open IE, then click Refresh.
  6. Type AddNewUsers in the MetaBot Name field.
  7. Click Create.

Next steps

Follow the steps in the Add an asset to a MetaBot to add a screen to this MetaBot.