Stealth mode for automation

Automation Anywhere enables the option to run bots in stealth mode, where a logged in user is unable to view the ongoing automation.

The business application and any program windows do not show on the screen, ensuring confidentiality and privacy. In addition, stealth mode ensures that the user has no control over the running automation, including disabling any ability to pause the automation, stop the automation, or see the progress of the automation. This security capability addresses NIST SC-2 best practices for secure application partitioning.

This provides additional safeguards to a bot when a Bot Runner machine is running in either attended (shared between a bot and a human) or unattended, where the bot is executing on a virtual machine. The risk in unattended mode is from the virtual infrastructure administrator who has access to the virtual machines executing the automation and the ability to view or record processes and thereby subvert other controls. Stealth mode eliminates any chances of unauthorized access and tampering with automations.

Figure 1. Security Settings
Security Settings