Enterprise 11: Configuring Credential Vault Connection Mode

Credential Vault is a centralized location for securely storing credential information used by bots.

As a Control Room admin, you can configure the Connection mode that allows you to connect to the Credential Vault using a Master key.

The connection mode is first configured during Control Room's initial setup as illustrated below:

You can view the Connection mode details in Settings > Credentials .

To configure settings for Credential Vault, you have to choose between Express or Manual mode.

  • Express Mode - Use this to auto connect to the Credential Vault with the master key that is stored in the system during Control Room configuration.

  • Manual Mode - Use this to manually connect to the Credential Vault using the master key that was available during Control Room configuration.

    Note: You will have to provide this key every time you start or restart the Control Room.
  • Compared to Express, the Manual mode is more secure and recommended for use in production environment.
  • While switching modes, you must provide the Master Key in the field and click Save for the changes to take effect.
    Note: An error message prompts if you do not enter a valid master key or the field is empty.
    Tip: Restart the server machine (on which the Control Room is installed) or services to allow changes to take effect.

Audit Log

All updates to the Credential Vault connection mode are captured in the Audit Log page. For example, the following illustration lists all actions performed to connect and edit connection settings to the Credential Vault :

To view details of each audit entry:

  1. Go to the required data and mouse in Settings.
  2. Click View details.

    The details page is launched. The illustration below shows details of successful Credential Vault connection switch from Express to Manual mode: