Exporting bot

You can export a bot and its dependencies from one environment to another.


To export a bot, the user role assigned to you must have the following permissions:
  • Export bots
  • Download permission for the folders that contain the bots and its dependencies
  • Execute permission for the dependent MetaBots

If you have enabled version control in the Control Room, ensure that the production version of the bots and their dependencies are set before you export them.

To export a bot, do the following:


  1. Log in to the Control Room.
  2. Click My bots from the BOTS node on the left pane.
    The My bots screen appears.
    Note: You can export bots without having the AAE_ADMIN role. However, the dashboard related information will not be exported. To export dashboards, you need to have the AAE_ADMIN role assigned to you.
  3. Click Export bots on the toolbar.
    The Export bots + files screen appears.
  4. In the Folders pane, click the folder that contains the bot that you want to export.
    The bots available in the selected folder are displayed in the Available items section.
  5. Select the check box for the bots you want to export, and then click the right arrow icon.
    The selected bots appear within the Selected section.
  6. Click Next.
    The screen for the PACKAGE SUMMARY tab appears.
  7. Specify a name for the package in the Export package name field.
  8. Specify a password for the package in the Password field.
  9. Select the Exclude MetaBots option if you do not want to include MetaBot associated with the task in the package.
  10. In the Items to export section, select the check box for the items that you do not want to include in the package.
    This section lists the bots and their dependencies that can be exported. You can differentiate between the bots and their dependencies based on the values in the DEPENDENCY TYPE column. The value for the selected bots appears as User selected in the column and the value for their dependencies is Supports <location of the bot>.

    The bots and their dependencies for which you do not have appropriate permissions are displayed in the Items not allowed to export section.

    Note: If version control is enabled, you can only select the bots and MetaBots for which a production version is set. The latest version of the files is selected for the documents, workflows, and reports.
  11. Click Export.
    The system exports the package to the default folder for downloads.

    The package contains dashboards folder, JSON files, and the task.