Enterprise Client overview

Introduces Enterprise Client components and operations.

The Enterprise Client is a Automation Anywhere component that is:

The primary interface for:
Bot Creator
A bot is a self-contained task designed to run with little-to-no human intervention. The Bot Creator is the Automation Anywhere proprietary development client used to author bots. This includes Task Editor, event watcher, bot Player, Auto Login, and local scheduler. See Bot Creator overview.
Bot Runner
The Bot Runner is the software machine that runs bots. When a bot is created using Bot Creator, then Bot Runners can run bots at scale. See Bot Runner overview.
Installed on

The Enterprise Client is installed on any user device. User devices can include virtual machines, servers, or other supported Windows machine.

A multi-threaded application
Enterprise Client is a multi-threaded application, it performs multiple tasks in parallel including bot tasks, such as:
  • Sending the Operational Analytics data to the AAClientService.
  • Maintaining the queue for other bot if there are multiple bots deployed on the same Bot Runner.
  • Monitoring the pause, resume and stop events for bot during the bot execution.
  • Running multiple CPU intensive tasks such as Object Cloning, Image Recognition, OCR, PDF Integration, and Terminal Emulation. that are CPU intensive, as multiple threads or processes to avoid blocking the main thread.
Run in parallel with other Automation Anywhere Enterprise services
The following applications and services of Enterprise Client also run in parallel:
  • Automation Anywhere.exe
  • Event Watcher.exe
  • Scheduler service
  • Client service
  • AAAutoLoginService
  • Proxy Server