Version Release Notes

Review the changed features and fixed features in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client. There are no new features, security fixes, or known limitations in this release.

Changed features

Enterprise Client
Retrieve all characters from an Excel cell using Get Cell Value in the Excel command

Service Cloud case ID: 00390855

In the Excel command, a Get Cell Value check box is now available for the Get Cells, Specific Cell option, which you can use to perform the following:

  • When you choose the Specific Cell option and select the Get Cell Value check box, the option retrieves all the characters from the cell. However, the format of the data entered in the specific cell is not retained.
  • When you choose the Specific Cell option without selecting the Get Cell Value check box, the option retrieves up to 8221 characters. The format of the data entered in the specific cell is retained as given in the Excel sheet.

Excel command

Display email received date and time in local time zone for the Email Automation command

Zendesk ticket ID: 94592, 00458979

In the Email Automation command, when you select IMAP or POP3 as the server type, a Use local timezone check box is now available. When you select this check box, the email received date and time is displayed in the local time zone.

If the Use local timezone check box option is not selected, the email received date and time is displayed in the server time zone.

Get email from a mail server

Configure timeout to unlock machine for Auto Login

Service Cloud case ID: 00452226

You can now configure a timeout period in the AA.Settings.xml configuration file that enables the machine to wait until Auto Login unlocks the machine. The default value is 60 seconds. You can increase or decrease the timeout value according to the time taken by the machine to unlock and successfully deploy the bot.

Configure timeout for Auto Login

Fixed features

Control Room
Zendesk ticket ID/Service Cloud case ID Description
00469758 The scheduler now automatically corrects (auto-corrects) the state of the Quartz table, preventing the scheduler from stopping work. As a result, schedules no longer disappear and the scheduler properly triggers the schedules based on the next occurrence.
00362547 When an attended bot is run on the Bot Runner machine and that bot is not uploaded on the Control Room, the task run data for that bot is not included in the history. As a result, exceptions are not displayed.
00437121 Login to the Control Room is no longer delayed if the logged-in user is assigned a locker role (Owner, Manager, and Participant) or Queue (Owner or Participant). The system performance is no longer degraded.
00363307 Caching service was restarting due to a lost connection between the SQL database and the Control Room node. The connection might be lost due to network connectivity issues, routing issues, or SQL server availability. When the connection was lost, the segmentation processor logic marked the node as segmented. This triggered the Ignite service restart. This issue is fixed by trying to reconnect with the database. If the connection can be reestablished within approximately 7 seconds, the caching service does not restart. In short, this fix applies to short-term database connection losses.
00376702 Two threads in the caching service were using the same JDBC statement: one for reading the status of the Ignite cluster and the other for updating the status of the Ignite cluster. Two threads concurrently using the same statement object sometimes resulted in null pointer exception in the Ignite segmentation processor. When this issue occurred, the segmentation processor logic stopped functioning. This issue is now fixed by ensuring each thread uses its own JDBC statement.
00378563, 00373297, 00470918, 00462701 Fixed an invalid partition issue with Apache Ignite in a clustered environment. Communication between the Apache Ignite cache nodes in the Control Room with the clustered setup is resolved. The Control Room installed with any number of nodes now works properly.
234083, 237875, 244110 Users can now manually configure the time interval value of the database connection retries in the file. If the database is reconnected within the time specified in the file, the Apache Ignite cache node in the cluster setup will not restart the Apache Ignite server, keeping the device and the Control Room user connected. The default value of the time property ignite.max.duration.db.connection.retries in the file is 10000.
Note: Restart the Control Room services on each node for the manually configured value of the time property to work effectively. Also, set the time in milliseconds.