Using filters in the Workbench

By default, automated tasks are shown in the Automation Anywhere Workbench with all commands and actions in chronological order (sorted by time).

Using command filters

Filters enable you to customize your view. Filters are particularly helpful when working with larger automations.

Filters do not modify a task. Filters enable you to focus on specific commands in an automation without needing to modify the entire Task Bot.

To view or hide specific commands in a task, select or deselect the filters in the Filter Bar in the task Actions List.

  • Select CATEGORIES to view category folders that contain the commands.
  • Select VIEW ALL all of the commands in alphabetical order.

Using the Find Text search field

Use the Find Text search field to search in a task for names, text, variables, and other items. This can be helpful when editing longer tasks.

Using the Windows filter

Use the Windows filter for tasks that involve two or more applications, for example, the Calculator, Notepad, and Explorer. Use the Windows filter to view actions sorted by application.

In the drop-down list, select ALL, NONE, or the application title to view the related commands.