Enterprise 11 business analytics

Business analytics provides information about the transactional analytics for the data that is logged by the variable tagged in a task. The information provided can be about the total sales in a month, invoicing and payment trends, insight about new customers, and quote to order ratio.

The system automatically generates a Bot Insight dashboard when you tag variables for analytics in a task and run that task. The dashboard generated is of the same name as the tasks. System-generated and customized dashboards are available for business analytics.

System-generated dashboards are the dashboards that the system automatically generates for the tasks that are enabled for analytics. The system-generated dashboards are available in the Configure tab in the Bot Insight window.

Customized dashboards are the system-generated dashboards that you have customized based on your needs. The customized dashboards can be published and are available in the Analyze tab in the Bot Insight window.

Operation dashboards are the system-generated dashboards that provide information about bots that are deployed on different Bot Runner machines, and the bot statistics based on the performance. You can use this information to enhance productivity and take measures based on real-time information for RPA deployments. You can save and customize the Operation dashboard.