Audit logs for run bot deployment and bot runner session

As a Enterprise Control Room administrator or a user with "View everyone's audit log actions" privileges, you can view audit entries for Run Bot Deployment and Bot Runner Sessions in the Audit log page of the Control Room.

Audit logs for the above include both entries - Successful and Unsuccessful.

The following illustration shows entries relevant to Audit Log for Bot Deployment locally or through RDP:

The Audit log page

Run bot deployment

Entries for a successful or unsuccessful bot deployment using the action Run now are logged in the Audit log page of the Control Room. The following illustration shows successful deployment of a bot on a Bot Runner machine: The View actions page on Run Bot Deployed action with Details panel.

Reasons for run bot deployment failure

The reason for a run bot deployment failure is logged when,

  1. Bot Runner could not be reached or shows disconnected, which could be due to:
    • The Enterprise Client Service not running on the Bot Runner machine
    • Bot Runner machine is shut down
    • Network issues
    • Bot Runner user is not logged on to the Enterprise Client
  2. Bot Runner is disabled.
  3. Bot Runner could not download the deployed package.

Bot Runner Session

The audit entry for a Bot Runner Session is logged to indicate whether a bot was deployed successfully to a Bot Runner machine using methods such as RDP. The following illustrates a successful Bot Runner Session: The View action page on Bot Runner session action with Details panel.

Similarly, when a Bot Runner Session fails, the audit details display the reasons in Results panel.

Reasons for Bot Runner Session failure

The reason for a Bot Runner session failure is logged when the Bot Runner's remote desktop session cannot be acquired in the following cases:

  1. User has not set the Windows Login Credentials in the Tools > Options > Login > Settings of Enterprise Client.
  2. User has selected Bypass legal disclaimer in the Tools > Options > Login > Settings of Enterprise Client.
  3. Automation Anywhere Player is already running on the Bot Runner.
  4. Remote Desktop Session to the Bot Runner is disabled.
  5. Either the RDP port is blocked, there is a network error, or the Bot Runner host name was not resolved.