Install plug-ins using the command line

Use the command line to install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Google Chrome, Oracle Java, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox plug-ins.

To install the plug-ins:

  1. Click Start, and enter cmd in the Search box.

    Command Prompt appears.

  2. Click Run as administrator.
  3. Navigate to the Enterprise Client installation path.

    For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\Client.

The following parameters are supported:
Install the plug-in.
Silently install the plug-in. This restricts the system from displaying any messages.
Path of Java Runtime Environment in which to install the plug-in.
Example: Install the Mozilla Firefox plug-in from the command line.
Task Command syntax
Install the plug-in C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\Client> AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Firefox /install
Silently install the plug-in C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\Client> AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Firefox /install /silent

Similarly, to install the other plug-ins sequentially, append one or more parameters in the command-line prompt.

Adobe Flex
AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Flex
Note: Flex is not supported on Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, or Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
Important: Close all Flex applications before installing the plug-in and ensure (by running the same in Run window) that the %homedrive%%homepath% location points to a local drive.

If %homedrive%%homepath% is on the network:

  1. Copy mm.cfg as well as the Automation Anywhere installation folder from %homedrive%%homepath% to the local drive.

    For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\Client.

  2. Change the file location in the mm.cfg, so that it points to the AAMainLoader.swf file (the one of local drive).
  3. Copy the updated mm.cfg file and folder back to %homedrive%%homepath%.
  4. Open theEnterprise Client application and navigate to Tools > Options > plug-in Settings and verify.
Google Chrome
AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Chrome
Microsoft Silverlight
AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Silverlight
Oracle Java
AAPlugInInstallation.exe /Java

AAPlugInInstallation.exe /edge

Note: Available only for machines that run on Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update.
Internet Explorer (IE)
Note: Installing IE through command prompt is not supported.