Object Cloning command

The Object Cloning command enables you to create and play Task Bot and MetaBot logic that use technology-specific applications.

Play mode

The Object Cloning command provides the following play modes to capture objects from an application or a browser:
This play mode is very precise and flexible and enables you to capture objects and search for those objects based on their properties. You can use this play mode to capture objects based on Microsoft Windows, HTML, Java, Oracle EBS applications, and Flex technologies.
This play mode enables you to capture coordinates of an object. It is useful in a window that has objects invisible to the capturing technology, for example, a Remote Desktop window or a Citrix application.
This play mode captures image of an object and enables a bot to search the object in an application or a browser based on the captured image.
This is useful for capturing the down button of a drop-down menu, but is limited when there are multiple instances of the same image in a window, for example text boxes.
Note: Configure the device display settings to 100% DPI for the Object Cloning command to work optimally.

When to use the Object Cloning and Web Recorder commands

Use the Object Cloning if you want to capture objects within Windows applications that use technologies such as Flex, Silverlight, Java, and HTML. Use the Web Recorder command for automating web-based tasks.

The Object Cloning works with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, while the Web Recorder command works only with Internet Explorer browser.

Automation in Microsoft Edge browser: known behavior

You cannot play an automation task that is recorded using Microsoft Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge. Object Cloning does not allow you to record the automation in one browser and then play it in a different one.

On Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, you cannot play or capture on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge simultaneously. You cannot create or run bots if any Google Chrome window is active during the session.

Note: This is only applicable to Microsoft Edge upgraded after January 15, 2020.

Using the Object Cloning command with applications on Citrix servers

Automation Anywhere Enterprise integration with Citrix enables creating bots that run tasks on remote Citrix Virtual Apps servers. Integration with Citrix also enables installing Enterprise Client on Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines and creating bots that run tasks on those Citrix XenDesktop virtual machines.

See Citrix integration for a description of the components and their distribution. See Installing remote agent for Citrix and Installing the plug-in for Citrix. See your Citrix documentation for installing the Citrix Receiver.

If you are unable to capture objects from an application hosted on the Citrix Xenapp server, see Unable to capture an object from the application hosted on the Citrix Xenapp Server (A-People login required).