Log on to Control Room hosted in non-Active Directory mode

Ener your credentials on the login screen to log in to the Control Room hosted in a non-Active Directory mode.


  1. Double-click the Automation Anywhere Control Room icon on your desktop or enter the Control Room URL on your web browser and press the Enter key.
    The Log in screen is displayed.
  2. Enter your Automation Anywhere Enterprise user name.
  3. Optional: Select Remember my username to quickly log in to the Control Room.
  4. Optional: Click Forgot password? to reset your password.
    • Admin users will have to provide answers to the security questions that were configured during user creation. After you provide correct answers, you are taken to the navigation page.
    • Non-admin users are directly taken to the change password page. If you provided incorrect credentials during log in, an error message is displayed.
    If the version Automation Anywhere Control Room Version 11.3.2and later, all users (admin and non-admin) have to provide answers to the security questions. After three incorrect attempts:
    1. Click the link sent to your registered email id for verification, if Email Notifications are enabled. See Configuring email notification settings.
    2. Fill in the CAPTCHA text to verify your credentials.
  5. Enter your Automation Anywhere Enterprise password and click Log in.
    The credentials are authenticated directly with the CR database. If you are a first-time user, the Control Room home page displays a first time login message; otherwise, the date and time of your last successful login is displayed in the user profile section.
    • Your account will be locked if you enter the wrong password for a certain number of times depending on the password policy set by your administrator.
    • For security reasons, failed login attempts are audited, which enables the administrator to analyze and take appropriate actions.