View audit details

The Control Room admin or a user with Audit Log privileges can track the activity details from the Audit Log page.


  1. Click Audit Log.
  2. (Optional) Use the Time Filter drop-down to change the interval time for the activity log.

    The Time Filter is set to 24 hours by default.

  3. (Optional) Use the All columns drop-down and the Search field to find a specific action item.

    The Actions table lists the various available 'Action' items.

  4. To view the details of any 'Action', click the Action icon > View icon.

    Action Details page is displayed with the following details:

    • Status

      Shows if the selected action was succeded or failed.

    • Action taken by

      The user name who performed the action.

    • Object type

      Type of object for the selected action.

    • Source device

      The IP address of the source device.

    • Request ID

      Details of the Request ID.

    • Item name

      Name of the item (if available).

    • Time

      The time stamp of the user login.

    • Action type

      Details of the type of action performed.

    • Source

      Name of the source.

      Note: Only those fields where updates are available can be viewed. Also, the information that is stored in the Credential Vault is displayed (encrypted).
    Note: It is not recommended to restart only the Automation Anywhere Elastic Search Service as it results in an error on the Control Room Audit log page.