Using Set Text action

The Set Text action in the Object Cloning command sets the contents of a control: it replaces the previous content with the described text.

If you configure Set Text with internal delay, it selects the object at the recorded location, performs a Left Click action, and performs the keystrokes. The Left Click action is performed in accordance with the location of the object.

  • If the object location changes, the Left Click position is automatically calculated and the actions are performed.
  • If the dimensions of the object change, the action will be performed at the recorded point.
  • If the Left Click point is outside the object dimension, then the action will be performed in the center, and the recorded point will be ignored.

This task shows how to use the Set Text option of the Object Cloning command to sign in to an email account by entering the user credentials.


  1. Double-click or drag the Object Cloning command to the Actions List.
  2. In the Object Cloning window, select Sign in - Google accounts. Verify that the target browser session is open in its own window.
  3. With the Object Cloning window open, click and hold the Capture button. While still holding the left mouse button, highlight the Email or phone field until a red border blinks around it. Now release the button.
  4. In the Select Action to Perform drop-down list, select Set Text.
  5. In the Text to Set field, enter the email address
  6. Set Delay to 100.
    Recommendation: Use the following delays if the control is locked by an external script:
    • Configure a Delay of 50 when you use Set Text on desktop-based applications.
    • Configure a Delay of 100 when you use Set Text on web-based applications.
  7. Click Save.
    Repeat steps 1 through 7 to capture the Next and Password fields.
  8. Click Run.