Modular Bots are a must in Enterprise 11

Monolithic code is difficult to follow, edit, and update. Instead of having everything in single bot, separate tasks into different Task Bots or MetaBots.

As with any object-oriented approach to programming, creating separate bots for each distinct function makes the code easier to understand, update, and reuse. Customers can more easily pick and choose the best components to include in their business process automation.

For example, these are typical steps to automate in a process:
  1. Log in.
  2. Create Lead.
  3. Log out.
Each of these steps should be divided into unique Task Bots (.atmx files). Create a Master Bot to use for each of the three tasks in the correct order.

Consider creating and using MetaBots for common processes and tasks. MetaBots encapsulate assets and logic used in common processes and tasks, making those processes and tasks reusable by other bots. Over time a library of functions and tasks can be contained in MetaBots which are reusable by Task Bots. This avoids the need to create redundant functionality in multiple bots.

MetaBots are used to encapsulate logic inside a DLL, allowing bot developers to hide complex tasks and processes from users. Following are the high-level steps for adding a DLL to a MetaBot:
  1. Create a DLL that does the respective function.
  2. Add the DLL as an asset in the MetaBot Designer.
  3. Add Logic to do the operation.
  4. Use the MetaBot in other bots to do the task.