Dashboards overview

The Control Room dashboard provides graphical insight into your RPA infrastructure so that you can analyze, interpret, and make informed decisions for your bots.

The information about active users, registered clients, failed tasks, applications, bots, bot schedules, workflows, queues, and the overall status of devices (memory, CPU, and hard disk utilization) is dynamically updated on the dashboards.

Why use dashboards?

  • Leverage real-time analytics to make business decisions.
  • Enforce corrective actions on resource allocations, configurations, and automation sequence based on operational details.
  • Generate customizable dashboards specific to each entity using features, for example, filtering and sorting, to identify and alert abnormal activities.
  • Get insight into all operational details of the bots as they are running.
  • Ensure comprehensive insight into digital workforce performance by setting the time bar for each widget.

What you must know about operational and business analytics

Operational analytics
Monitor the performance of a bot, task status, past and upcoming schedules of tasks, audit information, utilization of various resources, workload status, and health of the machine on which the tasks are running.
The dashboards available for operational analytics are home, bots, devices, audit, and workload.
Business analytics
Leverage transactional analytics information to make business decisions, for example, the total sales in a month, invoicing and payment trends, insight about new customers, and quote to order ratio.
Access business analytics from the Insights dashboard in the Control Room.