Advanced MetaBot with two DLLs

Advanced MetaBots can execute DLLs, libraries, and commands. You can build a MetaBot that interacts with REST APIs using custom DLLs and external libraries.

Follow the tasks below to build and test a MetaBot that uses multiple DLLs to make REST API calls and display a response.

Important: Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition was used to compile the examples in this task. To successfully compile the DLLs in this task using Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition, install the RestSharp package.

Complete the following tasks in the order they are presented below.

Step 1: Build and test DLLs
Build DLLs that call a REST API to return the latest price of bitcoin in US dollars and Euros.
Step 2: Create an advanced MetaBot
Create a MetaBot that manages multiple DLLs and commands.
Step 3: Add multiple DLLs to a MetaBot
Add more than one DLL to a MetaBot.
Step 4: Add logic and variables to an advanced MetaBot
Add Logic to define the MetaBot actions. MetaBots can include multiple commands and DLLs.
Step 5: Manage variables in an advanced MetaBot
Manage the variables created in "Create local variable in a MetaBot."
Step 6: Assemble an advanced MetaBot
After creating all the logic, variables, and other components of a MetaBot, combine them to assemble a valid MetaBot.
Step 7: Verify an advanced MetaBot output
From the Workbench, select a MetaBot and click Run to verify that it executes correctly.