Log on to Bot Insight

Bot Insight helps automation experts obtain real-time business insights and digital workforce performance measurements. Deployed bots generate, interact with, and process large amounts of data, which aids automation experts and consumers to interactively analyze task data and enhance widgets.

When you are logged into one component of Automation Anywhere, you do not need to log into the other component. Single sign on automatically logs you into all the other components.

To use Bot Insight, the Control Room must have Bot Insight licensing applied, and you must be logged in as a user with either AAE_Bot Insight Expert or AAE_Bot Insight Consumer roles.

In the Control Room, on the left pane, click DASHBOARDS > Insights.

Dashboards-Insights, with a link to launch Bot Insight

On the right pane, click Open Bot Insights. The system opens the Bot Insights application in a separate tab without the need for you to login again into Bot Insights.