Verify data and migrate

Review and confirm data related to the selected roles, users, or bots, with the dependent or associated data, for example MetaBots, schedules, credentials, and so on.


Based on your selected options in the Settings tab, the ROLES, USERS, BOTS, SCHEDULES, and CREDENTIALS tabs are shown.
Note: We cannot pause a migration of the Control Room. However, we can cancel it to revert the changes.


  1. Verify that the selected ROLES are available for migration:
    If the Exclude Bots and Schedules option is selected in the Settings tab, the BOTS and SCHEDULES tabs are not displayed.
  2. Verify that the selected Users and the users included based on the selected roles are available for migration.
  3. Verify that the selected Bots are available for migration.
    The BOTS tab does not show dependent bots or files that are added to a parent bot. After the migration process completes, the dependent bots and files are shown on the Migration Details page.
  4. Verify that the Schedules associated with the bots are available for migration.
  5. Verify that the system Credentials associated with the users are available for migration.
  6. Click Migrate data and confirm when prompted.

Next steps

After the migration process completes, the status of each entity (roles, users, bots, schedules, history, and credentials) appears in separate tabs. You can export details of the migration to a CSV file for record keeping and compliance.

Analyze the migration status to decide if the migration process must be rerun.