Uploading and downloading tasks to the Server

Use the Repository to move automation tasks to and from the server.

  • The Enterprise Client provides an easy-to-use facility for communicating with the server.
  • To launch the Repository facility, click the Manage > Repository tab on the main client screen.
  • Ensure the client is already registered with the server.

You can use the Repository to perform the following tasks:

  • Transfer tasks between the client and server.
  • View the date and time that a task was last modified on the client or the server.
  • View any new tasks that have been created on a client or uploaded to the server.
  • Compare task files to identify differences between versions of the files that reside on the client and server.

See Comparing files that reside on the client and server.

Uploading a task to the server

You can upload tasks to the server (or the Control Room Repository Manager) using any of the four methods:

  • Select Upload from the Action button drop-down list
  • Click the 'Upload' button at the top right 'Task List' pane
  • Right click the selected task and choose 'Upload'
  • Select the task from the Repository

When the task is successfully uploaded, a confirmation window is displayed. Click OK. The task is displayed in the Server Repository Manager.

Note: If you have configured Version Control, you will have to add comments while uploading the task. See Uploading comments.

If you use Windows Explorer to copy and paste a bot, the GUID of the source bot and the copied bot remains the same. Upload the copied unprotected bot to the Control Room first so that a new unique GUID is created before generating the Bot Insight dashboard. If a protected bot or multiple protected bots having duplicate GUIDs are uploaded through Enterprise 11 Enterprise Client, a validation message is displayed stating the reasons why the bot cannot be uploaded.

If a bot upload does not complete within the specified time period, the bot upload might fail because of timeout. You can increase the timeout period by defining the following configuration in the AA.Settings.xml file in the application path. If the requesttimeout tag is already present, increase the value of the timeout (in milliseconds).

For example:


Downloading a task from the server

To download a task from the Server (or Control Room Repository Manager), you must use the Repository facility. Follow these steps:

  1. In the main Automation Anywhere window, click the Repository tab. The Repository facility is displayed, with a split screen showing files that reside on the server as well as the client.
  2. Highlight the task file that you want to download to the client.
  3. Click the Download button. The task is copied to the client.
  • Be aware that files that are downloaded to the client with same names will be overwritten. Before downloading files, be sure that the latest version of the task is on the server.
  • The upload and download dependencies table includes the Protection Type column for identification of protected bots. This column is shown only for bots located within the Bot Store folder.