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Files and folder(s)

  • Actualizado: 2020/05/04
    • Estudio 11.3.x
    • Explorar
    • Enterprise

Files and folder(s)

When you click a folder from the Folders area in the My bots page, the contents of the folder are displayed in the Files and Folders area.

When Version Control is enabled, the version related columns are displayed. If production version is set for a file, the information displayed in the rest of the columns, such as size is for that version.

The columns of the Files and folders table are described in the following table.

Item Description
Type The type of file- Folder or TaskBot. This is based on the type of the file in the folder.
Name The name of the folder or file.
Size The size of the file.
Client last modified
  • The date on which the file was last modified on the Bot Creator machine before it was uploaded to the Control Room.
  • If version control is enabled and the Production Version is set, the date is the one when that particular production version was last modified before it was uploaded to the Control Room.
Last Modified The date and time when the file was last updated.
Modified by Name of the user who last modified the file or folder.

You can perform the following actions on a column to help you work efficiently.

  • Click a column to sort it in ascending and descending order. You can sort up to three columns by holding the Shift key when you click two more columns. This gives you the option of sorting two additional columns. This way the sorting is done on the entire table and not just the data that is currently visible to you. The last sorting is stored in memory applied by a user per session.
  • Use a drag-and-drop operation to move the column left or right.
  • Move your mouse cursor at the end of the column and drag to re-size.

You can perform the following tasks on an individual file or folder in the Files and folders area.

Action Description
Run Run Enables you to Run the selected Bot.
UnlockUnlock bot Enables you to forcefully unlock the selected bot if locked for editing by the Bot Creator in Enterprise Client.
Schedule Schedule Schedule the bot to run.
Edit Edit folder Enables you to rename a folder.
View View Enables you to view details of the file or folder.
Delete Delete Folder / bot

Enables you to delete a bot, file or folder.

Note: This option is not available when Version Control is enabled.
Note: Only Edit, View and Delete options are available for folders.

Alternatively, you can select all Bots or Folders and perform the following actions. Note that these actions can be performed only at a table level and not on individual items.

Item Description
Create Create folder Enables you to create a folder from the Files and folders section.
Customize Customize columns

Enables you to customize columns such as show or hide specific columns. By default, all columns are displayed:

Custom columns

Note: Columns Version Control and Production Version are only visible when version control is enabled.
Actions column To show the Actions column on the left, click the Customize Customize columns and click the Show on left radio button. To show it on the right, click the Show on right radio button.

To hide the Actions column, click the Hide radio button.

UnlockUnlock checked items

Enables you to forcefully unlock selected Bots (multiple) if locked for editing by the Bot Creator in Enterprise Client.

Note: This option is available only when Version Control is enabled.
Delete Delete checked items

Enables you to delete the selected or all Bots or Folders (multiple).

Note: This option is not available when Version Control is enabled.
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