Enterprise 11: Configure a task for business analytics

To configure an automation task for business analytics, you need to 'instrument the task' by enabling analytics and tagging the variables that are of interest for data analysis.

To configure a task for business analytics in an existing bot:


  1. Log in to the Enterprise Client.
    Note: You must have Bot Creator license assigned to you.
  2. In the Task pane, select the folder that contains the task for which you want to enable analytics.
    The tasks available in the selected folders appear in the center pane.
  3. Select a task from the My Tasks pane.
  4. Click Analytics in the Properties tab, and then select the Enable Analytics for this task option.
    Note: The Enable Analytics for this task check box appears only after the Bot Insight license is purchased and registered from the Control Room. If this check box does not appear, contact your Automation Anywhere admin to verify the Bot Insight license.
  5. Click Edit on the toolbar.
    The system opens the task in the Workbench window.
  6. Click the VARIABLE MANAGER tab on the right of the window.
    The variables used in the task appears in the tab.
  7. Select the variable you want to tag for analytics, and then click Edit at the bottom of the tab.
    The Edit Variable dialog box appears.
  8. Select the Log For Analytics option, and then click Save.
    The image displays the Edit Variable dialog box and the option to tag the variable for analytics.

    You can repeat step 7 and step 8 to tag more variables from the same task.

    You can also add a new variable to an existing task and tag that variable for analytics. Newly added variables need to be made available for analysis and usage within existing custom dashboards that have been previously created against that task. When you are adding a variable to the task, you must select the Log For Analytics option.