Version Release Notes

Review the new feature, changed feature, fixed features, security fixes, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client.

New feature

Enterprise Client
Support for Manifest V3 extension

Any of your existing automations that use Manifest V2 extensions for Google Chrome browser will be affected based on Google's planned deprecation for Manifest V2 extensions. By default, Enterprise 11 Version (and later) supports Manifest v3 extension by default for the features that use Google Chrome browser. We recommend that you now implement a plan to switch your automations to use the Manifest V3 extension.

Automations that use Google Chrome Manifest V2 based extensions will stop working after June 2023. The deprecation timelines for Manifest V2 based extensions are currently under review and subject to change by Google. For more information, see:

Changed feature

Control Room
Support for TLS 1.2 to connect to the SMTP server (Service Cloud Case ID: 00691755)

You can use TLS 1.2 secure connection to connect to the SMTP server and automate the email-related task.

Configuring email notification settings

Fixed features

Control Room
The schedule runs properly as per the occurrence set, even when the schedule is updated before, or after, the DST (Daylight Saving Time). Previously, such actions resulted in a schedule running twice intermittently.

Service Cloud case ID: 00769779, 00791071, 01811334

Bot deployment failures due to package file being in use by another process or service is fixed now.

Service Cloud case ID: 00807186, 1707179, 01760114

The Analyze tab in Bot Insight dashboard is enhanced to display the total permitted number of directories and sub-directories that exceed 2100 (for SQL Server) and 1000 (for Oracle Server).

Service Cloud case ID: 01879764

When connecting to the CyberArk vault, the HTTP client that consumes the ephemeral ports works properly. Previously, this action led to port exhaustion resulting in an unresponsive Control Room.

Service Cloud case ID: 01688015

The data in the .CSV file generated from the Export filtered items option in the Audit log utility matches the data shown on the Control Room dashboard. Previously, there was a mismatch with the data count between the generated .CSV file and Control Room dashboard.

Service Cloud case ID: 01253785

The Devices list displays without any observed slowness, even when the Control Room contains large numbers of created Users and Roles.

Service Cloud case ID: 00792857, 01272816

Zulu Java 11 updates without any vulnerabilities that affect the Control Room.

Service Cloud case ID: 01870708

All the folders under My Bots sort by name.

Service Cloud case ID: 01581684, 01753558, 01578833, 01698746, 01755816, 01765512, 01782302, 01788348,01798499, 01753429

The work item details under the Queue column only displays the correct user ID for those users who have access to the queue.

Service Cloud case ID: 01830283

The default entry is correctly inserted in the database and the status is set to False on bot.

Service Cloud case ID: 00787717, 01780064, 01823313

After updating to Version, the contents of all aapkg files are validated before extraction.

Service Cloud case ID: 00803771

Jobs in the WLM queue complete without issues because you can add a custom path to store files instead of using the default system temporary folder.

Service Cloud case ID: 00647695, 00812334, 00830851

Work items in queue status or in progress process without any errors.

Service Cloud case ID: 01865475, 01889119

Security fixes

Control Room
The library version for the vulnerabilities reported in the security scan has been updated.

Zendesk ID: 161610

The contents of all aapkg files within the imported bots are validated before extraction.

Zendesk ID: 65807 | Service Cloud case ID: 00803771

An error message is displayed without the entire filepath when you download the Acknowledge API.

Service Cloud case ID: 00803776

Enterprise Client
Jquery is updated to a non-vulnerable version.

Service Cloud case ID: 00376109, 00682821, 00682821

Known limitations

Control Room
When you upgrade the Control Room to Version, you might experience some downtime. Before you start the upgrade, pause all the WLM queues and ensure that there are no Work Items in progress.

Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations

When you attempt to uninstall the Version patch, a warning message appears, and you cannot uninstall the Version patch. You must uninstall the Version 11.3.5 base version.
Enterprise Client
When you install Version patch in Silent mode, the Manifest V3 registry entries might not be present in the Registry editor. As a result, you cannot extend the Manifest V2 extensions using the group policy.

For workarounds and more information about the issue, see How to install Google Chrome Plugin.