Customizing the Task List

You can specify the columns that are displayed in the task list. You can hide or display columns in the task list.

Click View and select Columns Displayed to customize the Task List. Customization options include:
Add column
Select a column from the list and click Add.
By default, the Protection Type column is hidden in the Task List. To ensure if the bot is protected, add the column using this option. The Protected and Unprotected values are shown for the MetaBots in the My MetaBots folder and the Task Bots in the My Tasks sub-folder under the Bot Store folder. For files in all other folders, the value appears as N.A.
Remove column
Select a column from the list and click Remove.
Note: The File Name column is required and cannot be removed from view.
Reorder columns
Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the column position.
Click Save to save any changes to the Task List.
Click Cancel to clear any changes.
Click Reset to restore the default column settings in the Task List view.
Note: The default column order is: File Name, Type, Repeat, Status, and Last Run Time.