Workbench and creating Logic

As a user with AA_MetaBot Designer access privileges, use the Automation Anywhere Workbench to create simple manageable independent navigational flows that can be integrated into other automation Task Bots or MetaBots Logic.

Logic is a pre-configured use case of an application that leverages screens, commands, and DLLs to manage the automated work flow in bots.

Workbench and Logic

Here are some of the components of the Workbench.

  • New: Use this to create a new MetaBot Logic
  • Record: Select and open the Smart Recorder, Screen Recorder, or Web Recorder.
  • Run: Run the Logic in edit mode of the Workbench.
  • Save: Save a new or an edited Logic
    Note: 'Run', 'Save' and 'Edit' are enabled when an Action/Command is configured.
  • Error View Manage errors that occur in the bot Logic. Use the Error Handling command to manage those.
  • Variable Manager: Add and edit variables in the Logic. .
  • Here is a sample CBL Link to integrations: Integrations