Log on to Control Room hosted in single sign-on mode

You can now provide your single sign-on (SSO) credentials on the trusted identity provider (IdP) server page of your organization after the Control Room is registered as a service provider with the IdP.


  1. Double-click the Automation Anywhere Control Room icon on your desktop or enter the Control Room URL on your web browser and press the Enter key.
    The Log in screen is displayed.
  2. Click Login
    When your SSO credentials are authenticated through the IdP server page of your organization and you try to log in, you will be redirected to a trusted identity provider (IdP) of your organization (for example, Okta) that has been preconfigured to accept authentication requests from multiple applications including the Control Room.
    If the IdP Server URL is not valid or the server is down, an appropriate message is displayed. For example, 404 or Bad Gateway.
  3. Click Log In.
    An error message is displayed and you cannot log in in the following cases:
    • If you provide incorrect credentials or IdP server credentials.
    • If your user account is disabled.
    • If you log in twice.

      You will be logged off the account you are logged in to currently and asked to log in again.

    • If your email address is not verified.
After successful authentication in the IdP server, you are logged in to the Control Room. If you are a first-time user, the Control Room home page displays a first time login message; otherwise, the date and time of your last successful login is displayed in the user profile section.
  • You are automatically logged in to the Control Room if you open the Control Room in the same browser or refresh the page as you are already authenticated by the IdP server.
  • When you log out (available when you click <username> in the profile) of the Control Room, you are not logged out of other applications running with the same IdP server.